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About Us

All India Retail Group formally known as Retailer Welfare and Development Association (RWDA) is the cohesive voice of retailers and developers in India. AIRG is a non-profitable registered organization under the Societies Registration Act of 2012 which is working towards the overall development of retail and real estate and retail professionals in India. AIRG works with all patrons for building the right environment for the growth of modern retail industry in India. We promote, enhance, encourage, develop, facilitate and support retailers and developers to re organize, modernize and adopt the most apt practices that will enhance the views of the overall experience of the customers and stakeholders.

Founded by few retail professionals in the year 2015 with the purpose of connecting retail professionals on single platform from across the country, exchange of retail knowledge and trending news in retail. At a short span of time it became one of the largest professional networks in India on social media.

AIRG is a strong campaigner for retailing in India and is in the process of co joining its plinth with all levels of government bodies and its patrons. Our charter is to create an aura of supremacy in terms of supporting employment growth as per the Governments Skill India movement, career opportunities in retail, to encourage and endure retail investments in communities from the length and breadth of India, and to enrich consumer awareness and industry competitiveness. AIRG also provides its members with a full range of services and programs including benchmarking and best practices in retail dealing, networking, policy advocacy, and industry information.

Thus, AIRG is impending towards a leader in trade association representing an entire array of professional retailers, developers CEO’s. CMD’s, Owners operators, Startup’s from chain store retailers, department stores, hospitality industry, through to independent emerging retailers, selling a humongous selection of products and services across cities, towns, rural and virtual stores.

Opening the Door of Possibilities and Hope

AIRG welcomes everyone to join its forum and be a part of the AIRG revolution. AIRG is committed to continuously support its members by providing a regular flow of market information to take a more informed business decision. AIRG offers retail courses, webinars, interviews, podcasts, magazines, periodicals, white papers, and other publications to its members.

To empower retail community through knowledge sharing.

To make retail professionals more productive and successful through knowledge sharing and partnerships.

AIRG Objectives
Following are the main objectives of AIRG:
• To become cohesive voice of retail professionals in India
• Promote, enhance, encourage, develop, facilitate, and support retailers and developers to re organize, modernize, and adopt the most apt practices to develop most modern retail development
• Promote, enhance, encourage, develop, facilitate, and support retailers and developers to re organize, modernize, and adopt the most apt practices to develop most modern retail development
• Share knowledge and contribute towards individual development
• Supporting employment growth as per the Government’s Skill India movement to empower retail community in India.
• Facilitate and support member’s personal & professional development
• Support employment growth and career opportunities in retail & real estate
• Promote and sustain retail investments in communities
• Provides its members information on best practices, policy advocacy, and industry information.
• Legal, financial, technical, architectural support to members & organization
• Voice of Industry before Policy Makers and the government
• Networking and Events
• Training and development of underprivileged, new pass-outs and needy
• Upgradation of knowledge of the bottom-line staff for career growth
• Research. development & certification

AIRG Committee

AIRG various portfolio are managed by the following committee:

1. News & Publication Committee (NPC):

News & Publication Committee (NPC) are spearheaded by creative people specialized press and media agencies and they focus on capturing retail initiatives, events, trending news and development programs into retail and bring their members aware about the same through its monthly newsletter “ReTale – Inside Story”. ReTale – a monthly magazine focuses on current trends of retail development, new store openings, new project launch, new market in discussion, job change at senior level, branding and drives the agenda and structure for the retailers and developers. It focuses on current trends, news tracks and live new updates on retail from across India. The committee members are also actively involved with shaping the agenda and format for our networking meets and conferences, to ensure maximum relevance to Retail.

2. Resource Management Committee (RMC):

Resource Management Committee (HRC) focuses on employment drive of the youth into different verticals of retails. This committee keeps the trends of the ongoing employment opportunities into the retail sectors and shares the available employment opportunities with the available resources and guides them to enhance their portfolio and assist them in their placement. Similarly, its employer’s members share their opening and sources best of the retail professionals from among the AIRG members and the group work like an independent self-help group. AIRG has tied up with many placement agencies specialized in retail sectors and work hand in hand to place their members.

3. Training & Development Committee (TDC):

Training & Development Committee (TDC) works on 360 degree towards the development of skills and knowledge of underprivileged, new pass out and needy which is a main component of every individual and organization to grow and succeed and become prosperous in this competitive environment. This committee is associated with many educational institutions and non-government organizations and conduct guest Lecture and run training programmed and organize various seminars and events to promote the knowledge drive and pay back to the society.

After successful completion of the training this committee further certify the candidate. In addition, AIRG also certify the members of the support function like architects, legal and other consultants based on the merits and level of trade knowledge.