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Covid Support

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In lieu of the surge in covid cases, battle for survival and after loss of many life. AIRG has decided to immediately set up a communications task force. An agile and action-oriented task force with the group of volunteers comprising of people from medical field, legal field, medical equipment medicines suppliers field and people having references in ministries to extend all possible support to our AIRG members and their families in need.

This will be executed in the following manners:

Step 1: Share complete information of the members suffering from covid with task force (ID card, medical report, oxygen level, address, contact person and contact number)

Step 2: Task force to reach out to the family members physically or virtually to understand the exact requirements

Step 3: Task force to share requirements with AIRG community and AIRG community to extend all possible support be it money, medicines, oxygen supply, bed etc.

Step 4: In case we loose any of our members God forbid then AIRG will support their dependents to set up business in their area suited to them. For this, we will start a crowd funding initiative to support the families in need. Members are requested to contribute generously.
This will be possible only with the support from all of us. Mode of support will be communicated based the requirements and response.

Let’s pray to God 🙏 to save us all from this pandemic and be safe.


Those who are willing to volunteer to serve the community are requested to fill in below form:

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