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Member Services & Benefits

News Updates

AIRG’s News and Publication Team collects, collates and share news related to retail and real estate from all across the leading newspapers and share snapshots of which with its members on daily basis. AIRG also publishes quarterly newsletter named “ReTale” capturing trending news, new store opening, new market, new job openings, personalities under discussion, views on new policies, upcoming and trending malls and high-street and editorials based on the trending topics affecting retail and real estate in India.

Employment and Placement Benefit

AIRG’s Human Resource Committee is committed to social empowerment of the community and continuously working towards the placement of its members. AIRG has joined hands with the leading placement agencies of the country specialized in placement of retail and real estate professionals.

Networking Meets

AIRG organizes members meet annually named Development of Retail in India (DORI) and invite all its members to participate in the networking meets to interact each other and transact business increase the networking.

Business Expansion Support

AIRG’s permits its members to list their retail properties on the website available lease and brands members have free access to the inventory database and further to take the properties n lease. Similarly brands can list their requirements on the website.

Franchise and Investor Support

AIRG’s houses franchises, investors and master franchises in the groups for cross exchange of ideas and investment which helps brands to expand easily through franchise and investors.

Knowledge Up gradation and Training:

AIRG’s knowledge Management Committee working continuously in coordination with the institutions and social organization towards the knowledge sharing, sourcing, and training of the individuals and placement thereof.

Other Benefits

  1. Be part of largest professional association of the retail and real estate towards and individual and organizational growth.
  2. Attend Industry Events, Seminars and Training programs of AIRG
  3. Receive complimentary copies of quarterly newsletter, news insights, Jobs relevant to Indian Retail and Real Estate
  4. Receive survey findings, trade info, legislation updates on regular basis.
  5. Get a startup support from our expert members

AIRG Membership Criteria

  • Membership criteria are set to ensure that professionals within AIRG membership are committed to the mission, vision and values of the AIRG, as well as a steadfast belief in retail, real estate, social responsibility, personal and professional development along with organizational growth, and collaboration with other like-minded institutions:
  • 1. Must be of sound mind and Indian National
  • 2. Be active in retail and real estate or a closely related field.
  • 3. Endorse the values and general principles of the AIRG, as reflected in its strategic plan.
  • 4. Represent an organization, institution, agency and active in the AIRG’s priority areas; and
  • 5. Be actively supporting the attainment of the AIRG Code of conduct
  • 6. Must be approved by the AIRG National Council
  • 7. Must be professional or promoter in any retail or real estate organization
  • 8. Must be willing to volunteer and contribute to AIRG by way of knowledge, leads, contacts, and participation
  • 9. People willing to agree to AIRG Code of Conduct (COC)
  • 10. People willing to recruit at least one incremental new member every calendar year
  • 11. The applicant must have a demonstrable clean track record in a retail field relevant to AIRG membership policy.